Audit Services

If you're audited, there are 2 ways Diamond Tax Consultants can make your life easier, whether or not you're one of our clients, no matter what tax year.

Audit Assistance

A flat fee of $75.*

  • Before the audit, you'll sit down with your qualified tax professional, and they'll go over exactly what to expect.
  • IRS jargon can be confusing. Your Diamond Tax Consultants qualified tax professional will take a look at the actual notice from the IRS and explain what it means for you.
  • Next, they'll research the tax records in question to help you understand why the IRS wants an audit.
  • Then, your qualified tax professional will let you know what kind of records the IRS needs and help you put together all the materials.

Audit Representation**

A flat fee of $250.*** Audit representation includes all services from Audit Assistance plus:

  • Diamond Tax Consultants will communicate directly with the IRS, state and local tax authorities on your behalf.
  • This is when your representative stands in, and stands up, for you. You may not even have to attend the audit.
  • Your Diamond Tax Consultant representative will present any arguments you have to the IRS and explain to them how your tax return was prepared. If necessary, they will challenge the IRS's position.

If you and the IRS still don't see eye to eye, Diamond Tax Consultants will continue to be there for you during the appeals process.

  • Appeals aren't common, but when they do happen, you're never alone. Your Diamond Tax Consultant representative will schedule the appeals conference and be there to professionally represent you.

What will happen once the audit is over?

For both Audit Assistance and Audit Representation clients, your people will help finalize the process.

  • First, your representative will go through all the results with you. Then, they'll review the next steps.
  • Finally, once everything's been reviewed, we will help you negotiate with the IRS and settle any claims.

If you need help organizing your tax records, there will be an additional bookkeeping fee of $35 per hour.* If all of your documents are already in order, no additional fee applies.

A Letter of Engagement is required for all audit services.

* Service is limited to four hours. Fee of $55 per hour charged after initial limit.

**Signed Power of Attorney required. Diamond Tax Consultants does not act as a legal representative.

***Service is limited to five hours. Fee of $55 per hour charged after initial limit.