Refund Options/Status

Refund Options

We offer a full suite of refund transfer products. *Disbursement methods for refund transfer products products include Instant Issue Checks, ACH Direct Deposit, and low fee Debit Cards.

Instant Issue Checks: A quick and cost effective method for our clients to receive the net proceeds of their tax refund. Federal tax refunds are usually available within 7-13 days. With changes to the processing schedule at the IRS, federal tax refunds may be available even sooner. When the refund is received, we deduct all applicable fees and your refund transfer check is printed from our main office location, for the net proceeds.

ACH Direct Deposit: A popular way for our clients with a checking or savings accounts to receive the net proceeds of their tax refund. When the taxpayer's refund is received, we deduct all applicable fees and disburse the net proceeds to the taxpayer's personal checking or savings account through Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit.

Refund Advantage Debit Card: The Refund Advantage Debit Card works like an ATM/Debit Card. We provide the taxpayer with a Prepaid Debit Card at the time their taxes are prepared. When the taxpayer's refund is received, we deduct applicable fees and place the net proceeds on to the Debit Card.

*Taxpayer Refund Advances: Up to $6000 advance is available to qualifying Taxpayers once the IRS accepts the tax return. Unlike our competitors who limit this option to cards, we offer advances through Instant Issue Checks or our new FasterMoney Visa Prepaid Cards.

State Refund Products: Our clients can receive the net proceeds of their state refund in the same manner as their federal refund (by check, direct deposit or debit card).

* The $6000 advance is tax-refund related loan provided by MetaBank (it is not your actual tax refund). The amount of the advance will be deducted from your refund and reduce the amount that is paid directly to you. You may file a tax return electronically without applying for this loan. Availability is subject to satisfaction of identity verification, eligibility criteria, and underwriting standards.

Refund Transfer Status

Our Clients can check the status of their refund transfer by:

  1. Calling a toll free automated service at 1-888-875-8372
  2. Going to where you can obtain the following:  (View a summary of your tax preparation and bank fees, Check your account activity, and the status of your refund transfer)
  3. Calling our toll-free Customer Service Center and speaking to one of our customer service experts. 1-866-876-6648
  4. Receive a text message directly to your phone when your refund transfer is ready.